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China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database

Characteristic of Resource

10,030 academic societies and associations, 17,767 conferences, 2.2 million paper since1953

Complete Coverage
Complete coverage of proceedings from major and regular conferences
The publications started from 1999, with part of them dating back to 1953
Over 2.36 million articles from 18,810 conferences have been cumulatively published so far.
Through partnership with 10,563 academic conference organizers, the proceedings at national and international levels account for over 80% of the total collections

International Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database
 810,553 articles from 7,049 conferences
Mainly publishes literatures of international conferences hosted or organized by famous international organizations or domestic academic institutions since 2010, such as IEEE, SCIRP, SPIE, IACSIT, etc.; moreover, the papers from the consecutive conferences are collected from 1981.

Novel Topics
Reflects hot topics of various subjects, including new discoveries, controversial viewpoints, and unproved hypothesis

Timely Online Publication
Less than 30 days lag behind print publication