China Academic Journals Full-text Database

11,215 titles, 65.2 million full-text articles since 1994


· Complete: Complete collection of China journals

· High: High academic value, covering top, core and important featured journals in all disciplines

· Fast: fast and continuous publication


· A complete collection of both academic journals and non-academic journals published in mainland China since 1915, with some of them traced back to the first issue ;

· Focuses on academic, technical, policy-guiding, higher scientific and educational journals, and covers science and technology, agriculture, philosophy, medicine, humanities and social sciences, etc;

· Collects 62 million articles from 10,324 titles published in mainland China, with 8,491 academic journals and 1,978 core journals, 99% of China’s core journals based on Chinese Core Journal Catalogue (2014);

Product Features:

· Complete and fast update contents: CJFD is the most comprehensive full-text database of Chinese journals in mainland China. It has 1505 exclusive journals and 1978 core journals. CJFD keeps daily updates, with 648 online-first journals which publishes 3-6 months earlier than paper versions;

· Professional classification: CJFD is divided into 10 series, 168 subjects, and over 3,000 sub-subjects according to Chinese Library Classification, namely Science and Technology A (Mathematics/ Physics/ Mechanics/ Astronomy), Science and Technology B (Chemistry/ Metallurgy/ Environment/ Mine Industry), Science and Technology C (Architecture/ Energy/ Traffic/ Electromechanics), Agriculture, Medicine & Public Health, Literature/ History/ Philosophy, Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law, Education & Social Sciences, Electronic Technology & Information Science, Economics & Management;

· Diverse search methods: CJFD allows quick search, advanced search, professional search, scholar search and source search, Search in results is also available to improve the precision and recall ratio;

· Knowledge clustering: The Knowledge Network Node displays the citation network of literature, revealing the background, basis and development of literature research;


· To Enable Researchers from All Aspects to Comprehensively and Systematically Understand the Overall Picture of the Development of Science and Technology, Promote Knowledge Integration, Technology Integration and Innovation Breakthroughs, and Facilitate the Connection Between Theory and Practice;

· To Enable Managers to Absorb Academic Research Results, Promote Scientific Decision-making and Scientific Management;

· Promoting the Curriculum Reform, Education and Teaching Innovation and the Cultivation of Innovative Talents in Higher Education;

· Creating Conditions for Life-long Learning and Knowledge Innovation for High-quality Staff in All Sectors of Society;

· Really, openly, objectively and comprehensively reflecting the effects of the production and dissemination of academic literature, and promote the improvement of academic literature quality and scientific research performance management.