China Core Newspapers Full-text Database

Characteristic of Resource

634 titles, 17 million articles since 2000

An integration of all influential newspapers

Covers 634 titles of core newspapers officially published in mainland China since year 2000 and 17 million articles with daily update over 8,000 articles

Selects all influential newspapers sponsored by governments at and above prefecture level, such as People’s Daily, Jiefangjun Bao, Guangming Daily and Beijing Daily

Selects comprehensive newspapers founded by major newspaper groups, such as Wenwei and Southern Weekly

Selects industry newspapers that have great influences on specific industries and professional readers, such as Jisuanji Bao, China Chemical Industry News and First Financial Daily

Wide coverage of contents

Guidelines and policies of CPC

Laws and regulations

Academic literature

International news and commentaries

Domestic news and events

Economic and industrial analysis

Special reports on science and technology developments

Work experience exchanges and role models

Literature, arts and critiques

Popular science

Developments of education reforms

The developments of library science and information service

Policies and developments of scientific research management reform

Local historical materials and cultural relics protection

Celebrities introduction

Major academic institutions introduction