China Data Insights

China Data Insights (CDI), the newly-improved English version of China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CSYD), integrates multiple functions of statistical data search, data mining analysis, and personal data management. It collects authoritative statistical yearbooks of all Chinese provinces and provides English users with the most comprehensive statistical data of the social development in contemporary China.

Abundant and Authoritative Resources

Full coverage of data in all industries.

Over 1,086 titles of statistical yearbooks, 1.4 million tables, and 13 million indicators.

18 major fields: national accounts; fixed asset investment; finance; agriculture, rural areas, and peasants; industry; politics; law, etc., involving various aspects of social development.

Powerful Functions

Statistical yearbooks published and issued by all provinces of Mainland China.

Progress data from National Bureau of Statistics and General Administration of Customs.

International data from Organization for Economic Cooperation Development (OECD), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

CDI provides navigation and search function from three dimensions of yearbooks, tables, and indicators.

CDI allows users to download customized tables according to selected variables including regions and time sequence.

CDI provides individual users with the function of paying online by tables.