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The most comprehensive, high-quality, continuously updated dissertation database in China

The only official full-text dissertations publication product with ISSN and CN codes

380 thousand doctoral dissertations from 470 PhD granting institutions, over 3.67 million excellent masters' theses from 753 master granting institutions since 1984

Complete coverage of dissertations/theses from top universities and research institutes

Complete coverage of dissertation/theses from “985 Project” and “211 Project” universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agriculture, State Key Laboratory. etc.

A wide subject range such as philosophy, social science and humanity, natural science and humanity, natural science and engineering technology, etc.

Systematically reflects major national research achievements

A large quantity of dissertations/theses supported by China national research programs (“863” Program, “973” Program, National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation)

Systematically reflects major achievements of national research programs; a valuable source of intelligence

Reflects Chinese latest research achievements

Dissertations and theses published 1.5 months after degrees are granted

Daily updated and delivering the latest research achievements of Chinese young scholars

Exclusive licenses by top institutions

Exclusive or sole licenses by 241 PhD institutions, 74% of the total in China

Exclusive or sole licenses by 373 master institutions, 54% of the total