China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database

Characteristic of Resource

Case Study, Regulation Interpretation, Jurisprudence Frontier, Topics Tracking

CLKD comprises three sub-databases, Laws &Regulations, Cases, and Literary Papers, covering more than 4 million papers. The one-stop search of laws-cases-papers constructs a comprehensive scientific system for information integration, perfectly meeting users’ theoretical and practical needs.

Resource Types

CLKD-Laws and Regulations:Over 10.9 million articles;Covers laws, administrative regulations, departmental regulations, local regulations, local government regulations, judicial interpretations, industrial rules, and International treaties etc.

CLKD-Cases:Over 690 thousand articles;Covers civil economic dispute, intellectual property right dispute, admiralty and maritime commerce dispute, criminal offence dispute, case of administrative proceedings, administrative reconsideration, case of administrative execution, case of judicial expertise etc.

CLKD-Literary Papers:29 Chinese legal core journals, 200 titles of Chinese legal journals and over 7700 titles of related comprehensive journals;Doctoral dissertations of 380 doctors’ degree-granting units;Masters’ theses of 540 masters’ degree-granting units;500 titles of newspapers;


One-stop search provides cross-database legal knowledge discovery service

Special entries search for regulations leads to quick and correct targeting.

Case Knowledge Network Node assists users in comparative analysis.

Entry Knowledge Network Node guides the application of the law.