China Yearbooks Full-text Database (CYFD)

The first continuous publishing full-text database of yearbooks in China with CN codes (11-9126/Z)

Complete collection, authoritative content

Includes 4,572 titles of yearbooks with 36,571 volumes in total since 1949, 95% of the total in China.

Includes complete data in successive years and synchronous updates with print copies.

Wide subject coverage of all aspects concerning China social developments.

Exclusive or sole licenses for 2,268 titles of yearbooks.

1,008 central-level yearbooks, 98% of the total; 2,799 local titles, 95% of the tota

Entry Search

Indexes and re-integrating based on each entry.

Classified into 17 content types such as report, missions, facts, and statistical bulletin.

Retrieves related entries from different volumes and titles.

Navigation Options

4 kinds of navigation by subject, industry, region and publisher.

10 series and 168 subjects.

21 industries: geography, history, politics, military affairs, diplomacy, etc.

34 regions in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and other provincial regions

36 publishers, such as China Statistics Press, China Financial & Economic Publishing House, etc.

Online Browse of the Original Cop

Displays all the information of each yearbook, convenient for reading and browsing.

Shows the original tables of contents, easy to read.