China Standard Full-text Database(SCSF)

· Includes three sub-databases of China National Standard Full- text Database, China Industry Standard Full-text Database and National and International Standards Bibliographic Database

· Collects domestic and international standards, providing authoritative, fast, accurate, and comprehensive standard knowledge and service for the public and institutions like universities, enterprises, and governments.


· China National Standard Full- text Database (SCSF) collects national standards published by the China Standard Press and issued by the Standardization Administration of China, accounting for over 90% of all national standards in China since 1950, with 54,864 entries by now.

· China Industry Standard Full-text Database (SCHF) collects standards of 26 industries like agriculture, medicine, mechanical engineering, and railway since 1950, with 21,945 entries by now.

· National and International Standard Bibliographic Database collects standard bibliographic information published in China, the world's advanced countries and standardization organizations, with 546, 356 entries by now.