Exploratory and Collaborative Studies Platform(ECSP)

Exploratory and Collaborative Studies Platform is a core service platform and newly-developed digital library focused on individual knowledge innovation and research-based study. It utilizes XML fragmentization and strengthened publishing, integrates document service and knowledge service into the process of individual research and study, serves usersâ€exploratory and mobile study, promotes the construction and development of their innovation abilities, and achieves the goals of in-depth study and knowledge innovation based on systematic and intelligentized learning tools.

Core Functions

1. Learning Materials Collection: one-stop search, upload and download of the learning materials, and automatic recommendation based on subject search and literature evaluation.

2. Enhanced Reading: dynamic and interactive reading modes based on XML fragmentized processing and indexing.

3. Exploratory Learning: facilitating in-depth study by tracing the origin of knowledge based on citation network, helping to organize and edit fragmentized content and notes according to the knowledge system.

4. Knowledge Graph Construction: generating knowledge graphs and constructing individual knowledge structure based on knowledge label, citation relations, knowledge network compilation as well as knowledge and notes management.

5. Dynamic Reconstruction: automatically matching the fragmentized content based on the knowledge outline and reconstructing them through human-computer interaction.

6. Online Creation: helping to realize online writing, submitting and publishing of the research findings based on online XML creation tools.

Typical Application Scenario