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Organization Knowledge Management and Service Platform(OKMS)

The OKMS system is a newly developed platform designed to meet the needs of various industries to foster collaboration and the curation of institutional data assets in the age of Big Data. Targeted at institution-characterized research, learning and innovation problems, this platform provides whole-process knowledge management and contextual knowledge services to mine, precipitate, manage and transform hidden knowledge by connecting knowledge management and knowledge service with the organizational research and collaborative innovation process. The platform has nine core modules, including: Institutional Repository, Discovery, Collaborative Research, Collaborative Messaging, Collaborative Creation, Personal Data Management, Training, a Knowledge Community and an “Online Live” feature, which integrates personal, institutional, and external knowledge resources to give users access to a unified knowledgebank and discovery environment. It achieves all-around collaboration on research and innovative work through stimulating group intelligence in the mode of open collaboration. And it offers personalized comprehensive solutions for various business context including decision making, research project management, technical innovation and institutional knowledge management based on institution-characterized business.

Core Function Modules

Collaborative Research: making full use of the repository, and providing a cooperative research platform targeted at different research programs.
Collaborative Messaging: working with multi-media, multi-mode and multi-end, realizing iterative summarize and whole-process backtracking.
Collaborative Creation: allowing many people to work together on online document compiling, discussion, reviewing, typesetting and multi-format output.
Project Management: customized management process, ensuring more timely control of process schedule and quality.
Knowledge Management: the full integration of knowledge resources in a multi-dimension and multi-source way, and applying fragmentized knowledge processing method.

Product Strengths

The platform uses CNKI core technologies like knowledge management and digital publishing, connects CNKI Integrated Knowledge Resources Database with the institutional repository, and integrates traditional knowledge management with collaborative innovation.