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PapyriX aims to help those institutions who have a large number of digital resources such as university libraries, public libraries, research information center and research enterprises etc., to build a high-customized resource discovery platform that provides a total solution for resource integration, unified retrieval, and accurate acquisition.

Core Functions

1.Unified Search:Build one-stop discovery of institutional resources and services;Cloud storage mode has wide coverage on global academic resources, supports more discovery for various resources from global network;

2.Full-text access:Accurately reveal the sources of resources in library;Flexibly access to the external sources;

3.Resources Navigation:Build the resources navigation to satisfy the individuality demand;

4.Management Center:Flexibly configurate the interface and functions;Visual statistic of usage;

5.Multi-terminal:Support mobile service and achieve a comprehensive and stereoscopic information platform;

6.Cloud service:"Cloud service" can improve efficiency, reduce institution's investment and maintenance costs.