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The Teng Yun Journal Digital Publishing Platform

The whole-process journal digital publishing platform is based on massive knowledge data and years of accumulated experience in digital publishing technology and XML technology. The platform is highly efficient in supporting journals under different publishing modes and integrating the services of writing, editing, reviewing, typesetting, proofreading, publishing, and commenting. The high-degree collaboration of journals and the internet helps to intensify the digitized “collaboration and innovation” for readers, users, and researchers, and enhance the quality and efficiency of journal products and services.

The whole process journal digital publishing solution
Core Functions

Customized publishing portal:
1. Tengyun can construct a second-level domain under “” for journals  to fulfill their needsof independent
  publication and dissemination.
2. Exch journal will have a domain of its own.
3. CNKI provides technical and maintaining supports.

Customized digital publishing process of “collecting-editing-issuing”:
1. Tengyun allows each journal and journal groups to customize their own workflow.
2. Interface design ports are provided, so that editorial board can change or create their own interface.
3. It provides collaborative workflow model among multiple journals within the journal group.

Automatic computer aided check:
1. Automatic computer aided check is based on the original manuscript in word format.
2. The major indicators to measure the quality of articles: (①Academic misconduct check ②Trends Analysis of cites and downloads ③Academic level of the authors )
3. Automatic References Proofreading: Tengyun helps the editors to check if the references quoted by authors are real and correct the nonstandard ones. The proofreading is based on over 60 million references included in CNKI Chinese-English references database.