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A New Species of the Genus Sinocyclocheilus(Cypriniformes,Cyprinidae)from Guangxi,ChinaCN

LAN Yongbao;QIN Xuchuan;LAN Jiahu;XIU Lihui;YANG Jian;Key Laboratory of Beibu Gulf Environment Change and Resources Use,Guangxi Teachers Education University;Binyang Fishery Technique Popularization Station;Du’an Fishery Technique Popularization Station;

Abstract:A new barbine fish,Sinocyclocheilus punctatus sp.nov.has been described based on five specimens collected from Nandan and Huanjiang Counties,Guangxi,China.Sinocyclocheilus punctatus is distinguished from other species of Sinocyclocheilus by having the following combination of characters:dorsal fin with 8branched rays,last unbranched dorsal-fin ray strong with serrations on posterior edge of its lower part;pelvic-fin origin anterior to dorsal-fin origin;mouth terminal;pectoral fin long,surpassing pelvic-fin origin;rostral barbels short,can not reach anterior edge of eyes;body covered with minute scales,and lateral line with45~50scales,lateral line scales are bigger than their neighbor scales;outer face of first arch with 7~8gill rakers;dorsal surface of head,dorsum and body side above lateral line covered with black spots.
  • Series:

    (A) Mathematics/ Physics/ Mechanics/ Astronomy; (D) Agriculture

  • Subject:

    Aquaculture and Fishery

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