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The History Curriculum Guidelines Involved the Identity Problem and Its Evolution in TaiwanFull-text in Chinese

Xie Daning;

Abstract:The mainland’s cognition is puzzled by both the Movement against the Cross- Strait Service Trade Pact and the strong "anti-China"social Atmosphere involved in Taiwan. The result of the "Nine to One"election at the end of the last year even makes the mainland doubt highly. The mainland maybe wants to know,what happened in Taiwan? In short,the social identity in Taiwan has endured a significant even essential change. It is not only about political,institutional and national identity,but also about the cultural and ethnical identity. The key reason of the change is the historical education. This paper will summarize the evolution of the history class in Taiwan,which will help the mainland to know much more about the changes of the Taiwanese identity,especially the young people’s identity.
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    (G) Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law

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    China Politics and International Politics

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