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The Right to Development in International Law:New Momentum Thirty Years Down the Line?Full-text in Chinese

Karin Arts;Atabongawung Tamo;Xu Yunxia;

Abstract:The right to development( RTD) is contested in international law,politics and practice. This remains the case,despite the 30-year existence of the United Nations Declaration on the Right to Development( UNDRTD),the many substantive leads that current international law provides,and the renewed inspiration that can be drawn from Agenda 2030 and its sustainable development goals. This article explores whether there is a possible new momentum for the RTD in international law. Deep substantive and political divisions about the exact content and implications of the RTD prevail between—and within—the North and the South. Up to now these divisions have stood in the way of achieving greater normative clarity,follow-up and implementation action. This state of affairs has directed us to adopt a pragmatic approach,by which we consider the scope for revitalizing the RTD through existing provisions of international law,rather than by creating additional normative frameworks. Thus,after a short sketch of the historical evolution of the RTD,we examine the nature,substance and implications of this right as conceived in the UNDRTD. Then,we pursue the question of how existing provisions of international law could be mobilized more explicitly for the sake of revitalizing the RTD and more in particular for its actual realization in the future. Three concrete means of implementation provide at least some prospect for positive change international cooperation for development,accountability and monitoring mechanisms,and regional and inter-regional instruments and procedures.
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    (G) Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law

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    International Law

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