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Comparing Spatial Pattern of Population Density of Sino-Russian Large Costal Metropolitans: Case Study of St. Petersburg and DalianChinese Full Text

LI Xiaoling;XIU Chunliang;ALEXANDER Shendrik;WANG Qi;College of Geography Science,Northeast Normal University;College of Jang Ho Architecture,Northeastern University;Institute of Earth Scinces of ST.Petersburg State University;College of Management,Changchun Universit;

Abstract:Population density is an important perspective in studying human population distribution. This study used multi-scale comparisons and analyzed the spatial pattern of population density of St. Petersburg and Dalian in 2000 and2010 based on demographic data. Results showed that, 1) Spatial aggregation of population density: it both showed aggregated population characteristic at different scales; as the research scale becomes smaller, the trend of aggregation is more obvious; Dalian showed higher population aggregation than St. Petersburg; 2) Spatial distribution pattern of population density: St. Petersburg showed the spatial pattern of"small agglomeration, large dispersion and multi-core"aggregates, whereas Dalian showed the characteristics of"single-core, big agglomeration and small dispersion", under multiple scales; 3) Spatial pattern of population density: St. Petersburg showed mosaicking distribution of population density, whereas Dalian showed contiguous spatial distribution under all scales of analyses. Spatial pattern is different at different research scale, under comparative analysis of the spatial patterns of Dalian’s and St. Petersburg’s population density, the spatial distribution characteristics of population density are more obvious.
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    (A) Mathematics/ Physics/ Mechanics/ Astronomy; (J) Economics & Management; (H) Education & Social Sciences

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    Demology and Family Planning

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