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Objective Detection and Labeling of the Common Acupoints in RatsChinese Full Text

ZHENG Li-yan,ZHANG Xiao-qing,WANG Xi,LIU Jia-yu,YU Jie,CHONG Fei-fei(Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Shenyang 110032,Liaoning,China)

Abstract:Objective:To objectively detect the common meridian-acupoints in rats.Methods:The subcutaneous electric resistance and sound wave were detected,and the spots with higher electric conductivity and higher sound amplitude were defined as acupoints,whose physiological functions were verified through acupoint-organ relationship.Results:In rats,the electric conductivity at the acupoints was higher than the control spots beside them(P<0.01);the sound amplitude at the acupoints was higher than the control spots beside them(P<0.01);the acupoints had certain relation with their corresponding organs.Conclusion:Conclusion The rats possess acupoints similar to the ones in the human body in biophysics and physiology.Acupuncture points standards The amount of skin conductivity Acoustic test Meridian.
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    (E) Medicine & Public Health

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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