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Variation of Locations of Baliao Acupoints in 290 Volunteer Subjects Analyzed by Using Computed Tomography-aided Three-dimensional Reconstruction TechniqueFull-text in Chinese

ZHOU Hui-fen;SHEN Guang-shu;YIN Xin;DING Shu-qing;WANG Ling-ling;DING Yi-jiang;YANG Xu;ZOU Yang-yang;National Anus-intestinal Center of Chinese Medicine,the 3rd Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Department of Medical Imageology,the 3rd Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Department of Anus-intestine,Nanjing Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital;

Abstract:Objective To observe the variation of sacral vertebrates and foramen involving the bilateral Shangliao(BL 31),Ciliao(BL 32),Zhongliao(BL 33)and Xialiao(BL 34,Baliao acupoints),so as to provide an anatomic basis of acupoint needling in clinical practice.Methods A total of 290patients[161men and 129 women,mean age and standard deviation,(63.6±13.3)years old and(59.5±13.3)years old,respectively]with intact pelvic structure were recruited in the present study.Computed tomography(CT)scans of intact pelves were taken using a SOMATOM Definition AS 128 and the acquired signals were imported into Siemens Syngo Inspace platform for 3Dreconstruction,followed by identification,classification and analysis of the variation of sacral foramen(Baliao acupoint).Results The total variation rate of posterior sacral foramen(Baliao acupoint)was 20.34%(59/290).The detected three types of variation were sacral vertebrae number variation(4sacral vertebraes,6sacral vertebraes),fusion variant(lumbosacral fusion,sacrococcygeal fusion,lumbosacral & sacrococcygeal fusion,and lumbosacral fusion & S 4variation)and mixed type.Conclusion Variations of sacral vertebrae including the number and fusion exist in the human body,suggesting an increase of the difficulty of acupoint needling.Since posterior iliac spine does not change generally,it is recommended to be used as a reference point for locating the Baliao acupoint.
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    (E) Medicine & Public Health

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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