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A new attempt of re-mapping acupoint atlas in the ratFull-text in Chinese

XU Dong-sheng;ZHAO Shuo;CUI Jing-jing;MA Tie-ming;XU Bin;YU Xiao-chun;ZHU Bing;JING Xiang-hong;BAI Wan-zhu;Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion,China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences;College of Acupuncture-moxibustion and Massage,Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Key Laboratory for Combination of Acupuncture and Chinese Materia Medica of Chinese Ministry of Education,Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;

Abstract:Objective To try to re-map an acupoint atlas in vector mode in the experimental rat by using a new-generation drawing tool.Methods A total of 5 SD rats were used in the present study.In reference to the current acupoint locations and anatomical structure of rats as well as those of the human body,an acupoint atlas having a stereoscopic mode was re-mapped by using Adobe photoshop/illustrator CS6 imaging processing and drawing system.Results According to the skeletal structure and body surface landmarks,an acupoint atlas consisting of Shuigou(GV26),Baihui(GV20),Tianmen(i.e.Cuanzhu,BL2),Erjian(MA-H6),Dazhui(GV14),Feishu(BL13),Xinshu(BL15),Geshu(BL17),Jizhong(GV6),Pishu(BL20),Shenshu(BL23),Houhui(SI3),Huantiao(GB30),Houhai,Yanglingquan(GB34),Housanli(ST36),Zhaohai(KI6),Sanyinjiao(SP6),Genduan point,Shenmai(BL62),Taichong(LR3),Zhijian(foot),Yongquan(KI1),Guanyuan(CV4),Xiqian,Weijian,Shenque(CV8),Zhongwan(CV12),Qiansanli(LI10),Waiguan(SJ5),Neiguan(PC6),Quchi(CV6),Zhoujie(EX-UE1),Hegu(LI4),Zhijian(hand),Houxi(SI3),Shenmen(HT7),Taiyuan(LU9),Shaohai(HT3),Chize(LU5),Danzhong(CV17),and Chengjiang(CV24)which have been positioned in plane graph mode by Professor HUA Xing-bang and colleagues in 1991.The newly re-mapped acupoint atlas displayed more clearly in the anatomic locations relevant to the traditional one.Conclusion A new acupoint atlas with 3 dimension image mode is accomplished in the rat,being more convenient and applicable for researchers to edit the relevant graph materials in paper writing,and playing apossibly useful guidance for the standardization of acupoint selection in experimental acupuncture researches.
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    (E) Medicine & Public Health

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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