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Advanced Clinical Study of Acupuncture Anesthesia for Open Heart Surgery Under Extracoporeal CirculationCN

Xu Canran

Abstract:In this article,44 cases with acupunctue forintracardiac surgery under extracoporceal circulationwere studied.We concluded that the following guid-elines were most select proper cases; exercise abdominal respiration one week beforeoperation; select Nei-kuan,Li-Chuek,Yun-Men bilaterally; get the needling sensation,then connect with an eletrical stimulation which pr-ovide a frequency of 2HZ; infiltrate operationfield using 0.25% lidocaine mixed with 1:400000adrenaline; use droperidol 2.5-5 mg and fon-tynal 0.05-0.1 mg intravenousely before operation; enhance the management of anesthesia,to im-prove the procedure of operation and to reduce thetime of operation.The results showed that the prop-ortion of excellent to good grade developed from69.2% to 84.09%,the successful rate increasedfrom 91.8% to 97.8%.
  • Series:

    (E) Medicine & Public Health

  • Subject:

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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