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Analysis of Clinical Curative Effect and Objective Manifestation of 137 Cases of Scapulohumeral Periarthtits Treated with Sensation Propagation along the Channels and Qi to the diseased SiteFull-text in Chinese

Zhang Ruxin

Abstract:The author treated 137 cases of scapulohumoral periarthritis with acupuncture. The needles were applied at Hegu point of the affected side and bila- teral Tiaokou points, making the sensation propagate along the channels and Qi get to the diseased site. The results were: 23 cases were recovery, 71 cases markedly effective, 28 cases improved and 15 cases had no effect. The above results also demonstrated that there was some relationship between the Qi to the diseased site and the curative effect. In some cases of the Qi to the diseased site, the author observed the changes of the volume of superficial blood flow and of the skin temperature in the affe- cted part after needling the Hegu points. It showed that the shove two indices might be regarded as the objective manifestation of the Qi to the diseased site.
  • Series:

    (E) Medicine & Public Health

  • Subject:

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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