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Treatment of 186 Cases of Aphasia from Apoplexy with Acupuncture on the TongueFull-text in Chinese

Tian Chengwen

Abstract:The author used acupuncture on the tongue totreat 186 cases of aphasia resulting from apoplexy.The needling was respectively from Lianquan(CV23)to the root of the tongue,transverse needlingat the tongue body,and oblique needling from bothsides of the tongue to the root.At the same time,Tongli(H 5)to Shenmen(H 7),Dazhong(K 4),and Taixi(K 3)are combined.183 cases regainedthe normal speech within 2 courses,and 3 had nochange.Comparing with the other 86 cases who werepunctured only at Lianquan and the above combinedpoints,the effect was noticeably different(P<0.001)The author feels that to perform the 3 tongue nee-dling,gentle rotation of the needle is necessary butthe needles are not retained.The patient may havethe sore,numb distending sensation at the tongue,or the feeling of electric shock,which is even moreeffective.
  • Series:

    (E) Medicine & Public Health

  • Subject:

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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