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Clinical Study on Electroacupuncture Treatment of Senile Imperative Urinary IncontinenceFull-text in Chinese

Liu Zhishun,Liu Baoyan,Yang Tao,et al(Guanganmen Hospital,China Academy of TCM,Beijing 100053)

Abstract:Clinical therapeutic effect and urodynamics were evaluated in electroacupuncture treatment of senile urinary incontinence.Results indicated that the short-term cured rate and effective rate were 35.0% and 45.0%,and the long-term cured rate and effective rate were 36.3% and 40.9% respectively in the electroacupuncture group,and the therapeutic effect was not related with the course of disease;the short-term therapeutic effect and effective rate were and 35.0% respectively,and the total long-term therapeutic effect was 33.3% in the control group,with very significant differences betwen the two groups (P<0.001 and 0.05).Evaluation of urodynamics showed the similar result (P<0.05).Electroacupuncture increased markedly the maximum volume of urinary bladder and initial sensory threshold of bladder filling,reduced the maximum contraction pressure and inhibited non-inhibitory contraction of pubovesical muscle,so as to cure urinary incontinence.
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    (E) Medicine & Public Health

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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