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Clinical Efficacy and Living Quality of Lumbar Disc Herniation in Acute Stage by Deep- puncture at Jiaji Point with MRI ImagingFull-text in Chinese

YIN Shuai;WU Nan;ZHANG Zhi-yi;HE Gui-hua;WEI Ning;CHEN Sha;CHEN Li;College of Acupuncture - Moxibustion and Tuina,Chengdu University of TCM;The Hospital of Chengdu Military Region Authorities;

Abstract:Objective: To observe the clinical efficacy and living quality of lumbar disc herniation in acute stage by deep- puncture at Jiaji point with MRI imaging. Methods: 50 patients were divided into two groups,a treatment group and a control group,and each group had 25 cases. The treatment group received deep- puncture at Jiaji point. The control group received the routine treatment. Contrast pain and living quality before and after treatment and evaluate the efficacy after treatment. Results: Efficacy in the treatment group was better than that in the control group according to the pain relief,with a significant difference( P < 0. 05). Two treatment methods could improve the patients’ living quality significantly. Efficacy in the treatment group was better than that in the control group according to physiology,psychology,independence and social relationship( P < 0. 05),but there was no significant difference due to the environmental factors. The total effective rate in the treatment group was( 96%) better than that in the control group( 92%),with no significant difference by comparison( P > 0. 05). Conclusion: Deep- puncture at Jiaji point with MRI imaging has a good curative effect on lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion,improving patients’ pain and quality of life significantly.
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    (E) Medicine & Public Health

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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