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The History of Scientific Collaboration Between Greek and Chinese Scholars Based on Their Co-publications, 2002-2016Full-text in English

Nikos Karampekios;Evi Sachini;National Documentation Center;

Abstract:The history of science attempts to examine the educational,professional,etc.trajectories of specific individuals,institutions,etc.and draw findings relative to the knowledge flows of these individuals,etc.In this paper,a different approach is used.Bibliometric analysis is employed to examine the knowledge trajectories recorded by individuals affiliated with Greek and Chinese institutions.Specifically,by examining the details of the co-authoring publication pattern between individuals from institutions located in these two countries we seek to identify those who have been over-performing in both the number,the time span and quality (as measured through citations).These individuals are taken to exhibit the most hybrid identity,following Krige’s definition.Findings indicate a core of authors mostly engaged in the field of theoretical physics.These findings can be examined in combination with bilateral R&D funding of projects as well as the wider Belt and Road initiative to the extent that the latter provides an alternative view of multilateral science collaboration.
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    (A) Mathematics/ Physics/ Mechanics/ Astronomy; (I) Electronic Technology & Information Science

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    Theories and Methods of Natural Sciences; Library Science and Digital Library

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