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Qi Liyi Duan Shaojin Liao Wenjun Guanganmen Hospital,Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Beijing

Abstract:This article reports 145 cases of moderate and severe sciatica treated with acupuncture.The total effective rate was 95.7%,the basically cured rate 42.7%.The average number of acupuncture sessions for the basically cured was 15.The chief acupoints used were Shenshu (UB 23),Huatuojiaji L4,L5 (Extra 21),Dachangshu (UB 25),Guanyuanshu (UB 26), and Weizhong (UB 40).Additional auxiliary points used for the Shaoyang type were Huantiao (GB 30), Yanglingquan (GB 34) and Huanzhong (GB 39).For the Taiyang type they were Zhibian (UB 54),Cheng- shu (UB 57) and Kunlun (UB 60).The points taken for acute and severe pains were Sizhukong (SJ 23), Renzhong (Du 26) and Yanglao (SI 6).The cases of wind and cold type and kidney deficiency type were given moxibustion and cupping in addition. The results of acupuncture treatment show the procedure to be effective in relieving the pain of all types of sciatica,including cases of long duration. Follow-up of the cured patients indicates that the secondary type is apt to relapse. Fifteen patients suffering from acute sciatica had serum 5-HT increased after acupuncure.In ten of the 15 cases,plasma cAMP,cGMP and PGE2 in- creased and PGF decreased after acupuncture. These findings suggest that the physiological basis of the regulatory effect of acupuncture may be bioactive substances,a possibility meriting further research.
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    (E) Medicine & Public Health

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    Medical Education and Brink Discipline

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