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Clinical Observation on the Effects of Electroacupuncture at Shaoze(SI 1) in 46 Cases of Postpartum Insufficient LactationEN

Wei Lixin,Wang Hongcai,Han Ying Li Caifen Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion,China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences,Beijing 100700,China Wang Xinzhong

Abstract:Objective:To evaluate the clinical therapeutic effects of electroacupuncture at Shaoze(SI 1) for insufficient lactation after delivery,and further study the influence of this method on the different types of syndromes and on such patients of different ages.Methods:The 92 cases of postpartum insufficient lactation were randomly divided into the treatment group(46 cases) and the control group(46 cases).The former was treated by electroacupuncture at bilateral Shaoze(SI 1),and the latter by electroacupuncture at bilateral Shangyang(LI 1).Both groups were treated for 2 courses,each course consisting of 5 times of treatment,and followed up for 1 month.Results:The total effective rate of the treatment group and control group was 100% and 69.6% respectively,showing a significant difference(P<0.01).For different types of syndromes and different ages of patients,the treatment group obtained a better effect than the control group in increasing lactation quantity and maintaining prolactin level with a significant difference(P<0.01).Conclusions:Electroacupuncture at Shaoze(SI 1) was obviously effective for postpartum insufficient lactation.
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    (E) Medicine & Public Health

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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