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Study on Correlativity of Syndrome Types of Allergic Rhinitis with Their Clinical CharacteristicsFull-text in Chinese

Qiu Baoshan. Wang Shizhen, Zhong Yanping, et al. The First Hospital . Guanzhou University of TCM. Guanzhou 510405

Abstract:Objective: To Study clinical characteristics of different types of allergic rhinitis. Methods: TCM syndrome differentiation in 256 cases of allergic rhinitis were carried out by questionaire and state of illness, acidophil of nasal secretion and serum immunoglobulin were determned. Results: Clinically. lung-Qi and spleen-Qi deficiency types of allergic rhinitis were common: lung-Qi deficiency type was mostly seasonal onset, with obvious rhinocnesmus. sneezing and nasal obstruction. Patients of spleen-Qi deficiency type were younger with more severe nasal obstruction and edema of nasal mucosa; patients of kidney Yang-deficiency type had longer duration of disease mostly with perennial onset, more nasal discharge, high serum IgE; patients of deficiency syndrome had mostly pale or reddish nasal mucosa: patients of the type of latent heat in the lung channel had less nasal discharge with red nasal mucosa as main. Conclusion: Allergic Rhinitis of Different syndrome types have corresponding characteristics in state of illness and clinical manifestations.
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    (E) Medicine & Public Health

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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