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Research on Solar Panel Cleaning Based on Flexiblebeam ModelCN



Abstract:With the increasingly prominent energy issues,the photovoltaic industry as a renewable energy application industry has attracted widespread attention.The problem of ash deposition is an important factor that restricts the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic module,so it is particularly important to effectively remove the ash deposition on the surface of the panel.Mechanical dedusting removes ash on the surface of the panel by mechanical force applied by the mechanical structure.At present,the main research of mechanical erasing is to judge the cleaning efficiency by the change of the power generation efficiency before and after cleaning,and the cleaning mechanism has not determined the size of ash erasing force in the process of mechanical erasure.Based on the theoretical analysis of macroscopic force,the model of the interaction between flexible beam and particles is deduced by the assumement that the ash deposit particle is a rigid ball,and the nylon 6 brush filament is a flexible beam.According to the Elastica theory,the transcendental equation of the relationship between the deformation and the force of a single flexible beam is analyzed,and the pressure of the flexible beam is calculated with the elliptical integral table.The relationship between the pressure and the brush filament deflection angle,radial displacement and axial displacement are obtained.According to the force and the reaction force,the positive pressure of the brush wire against the dust particles is equal to the positive pressure of the dust particles to the brush wire,and the cleaning force of the brush wire against the dust particles is calculated according to the positive pressure of the brush wire on the dust particles.A cleaning mechanism is set up to verify the accuracy of the analysis.The experimental verification is divided into a cleaning force test verification and a cleaning effect experiment verification.In the cleaning force experiment,a pressure sensor is attached to the surface of the solar panel to detect the pressure of the brush on the solar panel during the cleaning process,and the collected pressure data is analyzed to verify that the brush is in the dust particle model.The theory and experiment are comprehensively analyzed,and the error between the two is 9.2676%.In the verification of the cleaning effect,the ash accumulated on the surface of the solar panel was removed by a brush,and the power generation before and after the cleaning was verified and verified,and the cleaning effect was verified by theoretical analysis of the cleaning force.The results show that the force of the brush on the solar panel depends on the diameter of the brush and the axial displacement.The cleaning force also depends on the two.The larger the diameter of the filament,the greater the cleaning force.The length of the filament is 20 mm,the axial displacement is 13-17 mm,the cleaning power is large and the cleaning effect is good.The research on the cleaning force of dust particles by brushing wire can provide a theoretical basis for mechanical dust removal of solar panels.
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