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Evaluating the Influencing Factors of TB Centralized Management in the Specialist ModelChinese Full Text

YIN Jia,WEI Xiao-lin,SUN Qiang,et al.Project Office Based in China,Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development,University of Leeds,Shenzhen 518003,China

Abstract:In order to understand the influencing factors of TB centralized management in the specialist model,an investigation was carried out in two counties of Shandong province in 2008.50 new TB patients and 10 local health providers were surveyed in each county respectively.It was found that TB centralized management in the specialist model was influenced synthetically by communication mechanism between TB dispensary and the TB specialist hospital,the policy of health insurance,trust from TB patients,as well as effective monitoring systems both inside and outside the TB special hospital and so on.The study also revealed that patients in the specialist model suffered a lot from heavy financial burden,high risk of drug resistance relating to the high rates of hospitalization and usage of the second-line anti-TB drugs.
  • Series:

    (E) Medicine & Public Health; (F) Literature/ History/ Philosophy

  • Subject:

    Policy and Law Research of Medicine and Sanitation

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