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Descriptions of male and larva of Antennoseius alexandrovi (Acari: Mesostigmata: Antennoseiidae)Full-text in Chinese

MA Li-ming1,YIN Xiu-qin2 (1. Chinese Base for Control and Prevention of Plague and Brucellosis, Baicheng, Jilin 137000, China; 2. School of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin 130024, China)[HJ*3/5]

Abstract:The male and larva of Antennoseius alexandrovi Bregetova are described in the resent paper.Antennoseius alexandrovi Bregetova, 1977(Figs.1,2)Male: Length 494 μm, width 276 μm. Two dorsal shields reticulated, covering entire dorsum, with 22 pairs of setae on anterior dorsal shield, 23 pairs on posterior dorsal shield, a pair on cuticle between them, all dorsal setae scalpel-shaped but F-1 fan-like. All shields on venter fused together but a pair of presternal shields free, with 5 pairs of sternal setae, 8 or 9 pairs of ventral setae and 3 perianal setae. Ad situated at level of middle of anus and shorter than anus. A pair of ventral cuticle setae the same shape as dorsal setae. Narrow spermatodactyl slightly exceeded end of movable digit, fixed digit with a row of small denticles. Tarsus I without claw and with 4 long setae.Larva: Length 241 μm, width 161 μm. Dorsum bearing about 17 pairs of setae, short and slightly broader, with marginal spines. Venter with 3 pairs of sternal setae, 5 pairs of ventral setae and 3 perianal setae. Ad situated at level of posterior margin of anus, both Ad and PA slightly shorter than anus. Stigma and peritreme absent. Tectum with many denticles at anterior margin. Fixed digit of chela with a row of denticles. Legs 3 pairs. Tarsus I without claw and with long distal setae.Specimens: 1♀and 3♂♂, ex forest soil, from Liangshui Natural Preserve (47°10′N, 128°53′E), Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, 1998-08. 2♀♀ 1♂and 1 larva, ex leaves litter in Nanhu Park, from Changchun City (43°54′N, 125°18′E), Jilin Province, summer 2001. Collected by YIN Xiu-qin.
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