Database Introduction
Introduction:China Patent Full-text Database(CNKI Version)contains three sature database, invention patent, utility model and appearance design patent, which accurately reflect the latest patent in China. Each database from CNKI is the source of patents' relevant literatures and achievements. Search can be carried out through several terms such as application number, application date, publication number, publication date, patent name, abstract, classification number, applicant, inventor and priority. The full-text patent specification can be downloaded at once.
Literature Source:State Intellectual Property Office Intellectual Property Press
Distinct Advantage:Compared with usual patent database, every node of patent in China Patent Full-text Database(CNKI Version)collects information of relevant latest literature, scientific and technological achievement and standard which completely reflect the patent background, latest developing trend and trend of relevant field. More discourse and published literature of inventor and inventing institution can be scanned.
Patent Catagory P:According to patent catagories, there are three types: invention patent, appearance design and utility model. Invention patent and utility model are classified with international patent classification(IPC) and 168 subjects classification of CNKI. Appearance design is classified with international appearance design classification and 168 subjects classification of CNKI.
Year Limit:Chinese patent from 1985 till now.
Collection Number:More than 5,300,000 patents were collected by June, 2011.
Product Formation:WEB version(Online library package)、Mirror Stand Version,charging by data flow
Update Frequency:Double weeks update
Publishing Unit:China academic journal (cd-rom version) electronic magazine